Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update

I figured since I'm home earlier than normal from church (went to early service due to my son's choir singing) I'd take to time to post some of what I'm currently working on. I have a few more projects just didn't wanna drag it all out.

This is for church for our Faith Rock ministries. Faith rocks are those clear colored gem things and we put prayer stickers and our church name on them. It's not quite finished but almost there

Another shopping set for the shop, just needs some finishing touches before it will be posted on Monday

This is a set of stuff I'm currently working on for an Aunt of mine, also working on something for her husband too but it's barely started. Apparently my brain wasn't working when I bought the paper and only bought 1 sheet instead of two!

I plan on making more of the stationery boxes in the near future. Got some cute paper today at Michael's. Which by the way if you haven't heard they have alot of Cricut carts for on $9.99 right now! I caved at bought three! Can't wait to play with them. But gotta nap first!

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