Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft fair blues

Well had that fair today and it was not good! No one did good there so atleast it wasn't just me. The day started out bad with waking up late and rushing, thought I had gotten lost (but didn't lol), forgot a box of items (which turned out to be a blessing since I wouldn't of had enough room) and it was hot! The plus side was I did have a couple of sales and met some great people!

Here's my set up:

My shopping helpers 

 'Tis the season items

"Jot it Down"(Journals and mini composition books) and post-it holder with pen 

Odds & Ends

I was very happy with my setup. I somehow managed to get it set up fast too. A bonus was we were able to drive up to our spots. I was very grateful for that. There was a total shock for me during the fair. A Flash Mob! I had almost forgot it was National Dance Day. You'd think I would've remembered considering how much I love So You Think You Can Dance. They even did the routine they had posted for people to do. Here's a pic I took.

So today wasn't great but not going to let it get me too down. Just think, Lot's of new stuff for the shop! So keep tuned for some new items to be appearing in the month of August. Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

getting ready for craft fair

After taking a few months off from doing fairs, it's that time again. This Saturday I'm doing the Christmas in July fair in New Port Richey, FL. Here is the info in case you are in the area. It's Saturday July 30th from 10-2pm at:  : Calvary Chapel Worship Center               6825 Trouble Creek Road
               New Port Richey, FL

I've been working like crazy on getting stuff ready for it, some of it you've seen. Unfortunately when it's fair time, it means less goes up on the shop. Also items will be deactivated on Friday in order to go with me. So if there is anything you've been interested in but waiting, now's the time before they are gone for good. The plus side for the shop is new stuff will be added next month with stuff that didn't sell.

Here are some of the new things I've been making. These are chapstick holders, will be done as a "pick your flavor" for the chapstick themselves. They make great stocking stuffers and gift bag/basket fillers

I've done some more of them but I'll post them on Facebook later this week. Next are paper angels. I love how they turned out. I now have little pieces of feathers everywhere are a slightly burned finger but totally worth it lol.

I made 11 all together but only took a picture of a few of them. With all the feathers it makes it hard to see if I put too many in the small space I use for photos. Lastly are some religious corner bookmarks. They are some of my favorite things to make.

Now if you are a fan on Facebook (which you should be ;) ) then you saw the glimpse of the mega coupon holder I made for myself. They will probably make their way to the shop some time this month. I've been so undecided on what I had wanted for my shopping organizer. The church one I was using couldn't close and my coupon holder was practically bursting with coupons. It finally came to be, make a mega one! I decided to make the outside look just like my regular coupon holders:

But it's made like a shopping organizer but way thicker:
The inside has a ten pocket coupon holder on the left side, a six pocket on the right side, a single pocket in the middle to put the coupons that will be used on the shopping trip in the middle and I left a opening between the cover and the right side to slide my list into:

I use the 10 pocket for my regular coupons and the 6 pocket for my store coupons. I used it today when I went shopping and it was sooo much easier having the bigger holder for my regular coupons. For once I didn't have to pull them out to look for the one I needed.

If it's something you would like, please message me via the Etsy shop and we can work together to make one for you. Well I took a long enough break from making stuff, better get back to it all! Happy Crafting!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the winner is....

The winner of my first giveaway is NIKKI! Only two commented so it wasn't hard for the winner to be chosen. She not only became a follower of the blog, but also a fan on Facebook. Nikki please email me at with your address so I can mail you the coupon holder. I had hoped that more would have entered but have no fear, it will not stop the giveaways. I plan on trying again next month. Not sure what the item ( or items) will be.

In other news, still working hard on getting stuff ready for the fair. Currently have some headless & wingless paper angels lol Slowly getting them done. Also made some chapstick holders, will have pics up on Facebook some time this week of those. Of course more coupon holders and worked on more shopping organizers. Also worked up something new that is going to be for a custom order but wanted to share. It will be something you'll see soon at the shop, probably in about a month. It's a combo of the stationery box, accordion card box and my shopping organizer. It will be for greeting cards and will have the elastic closure just like the shopping organizers and will come up some greeting cards as well (currently not made yet).

It is definitely my new favorite of stuff to make. Remember if it is something you would like, send me a message about it. That's all for now, once again CONGRATS NIKKI!! and as always Happy crafting!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last days of the giveaway and more

Few more days left to enter to win a coupon holder, you can find the post you need to comment on to enter Here.

In other news I'm working like crazy to get stuff for the fair I'm working in 2 weeks. The coupon holders are slowly piling up, shopping organizers are getting assemble and new items are being created. One of them are these notepad portfolios:
You can see a shot of the inside on the shop's Facebook page (link on the sidebar). I plan on making some non holiday ones too but since this fair is called Christmas in July I want to have some holiday items available. The other new item I've made so for are some clipboard chalkboard message boards (still working on the name lol).
 The black skull and the stripe are both chalkboard sheets and the bottom skulls are cork. I still need to attach a ribbon with chalk tied on it to the top clip.

Remember if you like any items I post as "fair" items, you can message me via the shop and I can post it for you to purchase. On the Facebook page you'll find more items I've made including some corner bookmarks. Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

They're here!

Finally after working all week on them, my Harry Potter inspired shopping organizers are finally available up at the shop.

How freaking cute are they! They are made using Bugaboo Stamps' Har Repotter collection. I have all of the characters they have available so you'll see more in the next few weeks. I almost didn't post them, I wanted to keep them for myself lol. I hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost gone and giveaway still going on

Just wanted to give a heads up that the following item will be expiring tomorrow from the shop; Rockstar Stationery Box

It may be the last time it is up too. If it doesn't sell today, it will be going with me to the fair I'm doing at the end of this month. So if it sells there, it's gone for good. So you better grab it while you can!

Don't forget the giveaway that is going on. Haven't gotten much of a response yet. Make sure you pass the news along to your friends. It may just be a coupon holder but remember what I said in the giveaway post; the more followers I get, the bigger the giveaways I'll have later on. I want to try to have giveaways once a month so that could lead to some pretty big prizes by mid-fall. Keep that in mind when you decide to enter or not.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating with a giveaway!!

Thats right! It's here! So did you hear it coming?? There is a very good reason to celebrate here at My Thoughts Exactly, and not just because it's the 4th of July. The shop finally has a Facebook page!! I took the time this weekend with actually being off all weekend to set it up. Make sure you head over and "like" the shop: My-Thoughts-Exactly-Facebook

There are many good reasons to become a fan to the page. After I reach a certain amount of fans, I'll begin posting coupon codes for limited times, you see more of the things I'm working on for fairs, and it will give me more excuses for giveaways!

Now for what you've been waiting for. GIVEAWAY TIME! For my very first giveaway on here it is a bright polka dot six pocket coupon holder.

If you are unfamilar with my coupon holders, click the link on the right side of the page for the Etsy shop and check more out. Now for the rules:

1. Follow my blog under Followers (google friend connect) on the top right hand side of this blog. Current followers count to. This entry is mandatory if you would like your other entries to count.

You must choose to do one of the following listed below as well. Feel free to do more than one if you want :) You must leave a comment on the post letting me know which one you chose to do unless you choose one of the comment ones to do.
2. Add My Thoughts Exactly to your favorites on Etsy. 
3. Leave a comment saying what is your favorite item is & why.
4. Leave a suggestion of what you would like to see made.
5. Become a fan of the Facebook page.
6. Blog about this giveaway and include the link in your comments.
The winner will be chosen on July 18th.
The winner will be chosen either via the random generator or I'll have my son choose. I'll decide closer to the end date. Please tell your friends about this. The more followers I get, the bigger the giveaways will be later on.
Good luck and I hope everyone in America has a safe 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can you hear it??

Can you hear it? Something is coming...Keep your eyes peeled. Let's just say not only America's birthday will be celebrated on Monday ;)