Sunday, July 24, 2011

getting ready for craft fair

After taking a few months off from doing fairs, it's that time again. This Saturday I'm doing the Christmas in July fair in New Port Richey, FL. Here is the info in case you are in the area. It's Saturday July 30th from 10-2pm at:  : Calvary Chapel Worship Center               6825 Trouble Creek Road
               New Port Richey, FL

I've been working like crazy on getting stuff ready for it, some of it you've seen. Unfortunately when it's fair time, it means less goes up on the shop. Also items will be deactivated on Friday in order to go with me. So if there is anything you've been interested in but waiting, now's the time before they are gone for good. The plus side for the shop is new stuff will be added next month with stuff that didn't sell.

Here are some of the new things I've been making. These are chapstick holders, will be done as a "pick your flavor" for the chapstick themselves. They make great stocking stuffers and gift bag/basket fillers

I've done some more of them but I'll post them on Facebook later this week. Next are paper angels. I love how they turned out. I now have little pieces of feathers everywhere are a slightly burned finger but totally worth it lol.

I made 11 all together but only took a picture of a few of them. With all the feathers it makes it hard to see if I put too many in the small space I use for photos. Lastly are some religious corner bookmarks. They are some of my favorite things to make.

Now if you are a fan on Facebook (which you should be ;) ) then you saw the glimpse of the mega coupon holder I made for myself. They will probably make their way to the shop some time this month. I've been so undecided on what I had wanted for my shopping organizer. The church one I was using couldn't close and my coupon holder was practically bursting with coupons. It finally came to be, make a mega one! I decided to make the outside look just like my regular coupon holders:

But it's made like a shopping organizer but way thicker:
The inside has a ten pocket coupon holder on the left side, a six pocket on the right side, a single pocket in the middle to put the coupons that will be used on the shopping trip in the middle and I left a opening between the cover and the right side to slide my list into:

I use the 10 pocket for my regular coupons and the 6 pocket for my store coupons. I used it today when I went shopping and it was sooo much easier having the bigger holder for my regular coupons. For once I didn't have to pull them out to look for the one I needed.

If it's something you would like, please message me via the Etsy shop and we can work together to make one for you. Well I took a long enough break from making stuff, better get back to it all! Happy Crafting!!

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