Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft Fair Update

Ok now that I've chilled out from the disaster that was yesterday I can post more about it. The whole thing seemed to go wrong from the beginning. First a few weeks before I got a call saying that I was having a small table than the one I'd paid for since they didn't do a proper count of their tables. That turned out to be ok since I didn't have time to make as much stuff. Second I get my lunch menu (we are told not to bring outside food) and the only thing I would eat on it was a salad, the options were egg salad or tuna salad sandwich; or salad with a scoop of either of those salads with it. Thank goodness I was allowed to ask for no scoop. And the only way I could get some caffeine since I don't drink coffee was a Diet Coke, YUCK! Third it was slow as anything and sales were almost none exsistent. By 1pm (three hours after it started) I had two whole sales. Fourth my lunch didn't arrive. I had put down for 1pm delivery and by 1:20 no lunch. I had to go to the back (thank goodness my mom had showed up to give me a break) to personnally get my food. Fifth the salad sucked! Barely ate half of it. So I paid $6.00 for a half eaten salad, a nasty Diet Coke, a bag of chips, bag of cookies and an apple that I gave my son. And finally Six, I had four whole sales totaling $25 which only covered my table fee!

The plus sides, yes amazingly there are some good things: One my table was near the entrance. Two my basket of goodies for the raffle had a ton of tickets dropped in and looked the best. Most had their products just sitting there. Three the majority of people had barely any sales so it wasn't just me. and Four time did pass by quickly considering the slowness and the fact it was 6 hours long.

Here are the pics of my setup
Close up of the postit stands and dry erase stands

Close up of the other corner, there are the coupon holders, tealight boxes, post-it keychains, and get well bags
The journals

The Stationery boxes, bookmarks and mini composition books
Post-it holder with pen and skinny pads

The funny thing is I'd forgot to bring the candle-pops I did but turned out to be a good thing since I didn't have room for them.

I'm not letting this flop get me down. I already have two applications for two more events that are in the next few weeks. So I'll be able to take everything I've made for this one there and hopefully will do better than this. Remember to keep watch in my shop for new items to be added!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Total bust!

Keeping this post short so I don't rant but the fair was a total bust! I only made $25 which is what I had to pay for the table to be there! I'll post pics later of my table. Though to toot my own horn my giveaway looked the nicest being in a basket and in plastic. I'm so beyond frustrated but the majority of the people that had tables didn't really sell either so it wasn't because my stuff sucked or anything. Now I have the great joy of unpacking everything. Keeps your eyes peeled to my shop because new items will be added often!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crunch time

I'm only days away from the fair so I've been insanely busy. I'm still trying to get myself motivated to get started for the day so I figured I'd post an update. Helps I'm watching the end of a Primeval episode. I <3 Connor so much! Anyways, I apparently am Superwoman cuz I got all the stuff done I wanted to this weekend. I don't have tons of pics of my stuff, but I have a few shots I've taken with my cell to share.

A shot of my messy desk

A couple dry erase ones I've been minus their markers

A mess I made on the kitchen counter

You can see some of the bags I'm working on it the shot too.

Two more post-it frames I've done. And I'd like to state for the record that I'm a Team Edward girl :)
My new business cards I ordered. I realized I'd probably need more than the ones I made so decided to order some.

And lastly, yesterday I pulled everything out I've made strickly for the fair and this is how much there is. I actually have more to take with me, stuff leftover from a previous fair and some of my store stock too.

Ok episode is over and my stuff isn't going to make itself unfortunately, So happy crafting everyone!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway time!

It's my turn over at Paper Pixie Crafts for the giveaways she's been hosting. So excited!! Can I just say how glad I am that I finished making that giveaway when I did because I'm so swamped! I've only gotten half the stuff done for the fair which is in like a week! ARGH! My own fault, spent too much time shopping this weekend. But hey when a store is the only one with the 4x6 immortal stack you gotta make the trip right Jenn? lol So I must admit that I may not have a post up on Monday showing everything. It's all gonna depend on how much I can crank out this weekend. And if my todo list wasn't long enough, add in helping out at church tomorrow morning (well I guess technically today lol) and taking my son skating on Sunday with his buddy. Yes apparently I think I'm Superwoman. I guess we'll find out if I really am! Well off to crash and get plently of rest so I can get everything done this weekend. Again don't forget to check out the giveaway, here's the direct like to the post: Mega Giveaway

Monday, February 14, 2011

On a roll!

I can't believe how much I got done this weekend And not just crafting either. Despite my sleep issues this weekend (thanks to people not being nice and quiet for those who work at night), I kicked butt. First I went shopping at Ikea, and can I just say I LOVE THAT STORE! lol I could stay there for hours, and I did too. You know a store is big when you are there for the same two hours as someone else you know and never see them! I got some storage stuff that I saw on one of my favorite crafting sites, Kerry's Paper Crafts. I won't get mine set up till after the fair though. Also got a ton of tealights, you'll see what I got them for further down. Thanks to them, my craft room is smelling might nice :) I also found a dining table that I want so bad for the craft room. I gotta wait till after the fair though and see how my money is before I can justify getting it. BTW I'd like to add that IKEA has the best frozen soft serve vanilla yogurt!
After that I went to Target, nothing really to report there. Mainly got some clothes for my son and a quesadilla maker. Yesterday after sheparding for Sunday school and church, I went to JoAnn's. Got some more good deals on clearance stuff including a 360 sheet pack of K & Company paper for only $10! That makes it like two cents a sheet! Now onto the crafts. I think I got all but one thing done on my list for the weekend. Just wasn't in the mood to work on the stationary boxes. I did get the following done:

Here's the tealight boxes I made. Each including 4 tealights.

Here's a little peek

Two more acrylic frame post-it holders, the one on the right is for the donation gift

A whole bunch of the keychain post-it holders all nice and tucked into their bags. I think I did like 15 of them

More of the post-it holders with gel pens.

I finally got some more of the corner bookmarks done. I'm so in love with them, going to be hard to part with them!

One last corner bookmark and a skinny pad I did.

Are you shocked that there is no new coupon organizers?! I had to make myself NOT do them. I really wanted to concentrate on the smaller stuff and the tealight boxes. I'm going to try and bust out some more stuff this week too. **fingers crossed** Hope ya'll had a productive weekend too and happy crafting!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small dent

So I've spent half the afternoon cutting more stuff to make this weekend. I decided to use along the paper in my scrap drawer (well only one of them). I cut 45 post-it keychain ones, 14 post-it with gel pens, and 47 corner bookmarks! You can't really tell by looking at the drawer that I made a dent, but I can atleast close it without the paper catching. I'm sure I will double the amount when I do the black/red/white/green drawer. But I needed to give my poor back a break from cutting, nothing like leaning over the counter for a hour and a half to make your back ache! Hopefully I'll be able to get the majority of everything cut done this weekend. But going back to cutting, need to get as much cut before it's time for dinner and work.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Craft Fair Goodies

So I spent the majority of the weekend working on items for the craft fair like I said in the other post. I managed to stop at Staples, get the pens, finish up the projects and take the pictures and still have time to spare to post them! Hopefully I can keep up this progress and will have alot of stuff to offer at the fair at the end of the month.

First here's part of the donation gift I have to provide. I still need to go back and add the pens to all the boxes I'm posting today and the tabs in all the coupon organizers as well. Anyway this is the box, coupon holder and skinny pad for the gift:

The other two boxes I finished up (minus the pens)

I posted these last week (only the pink and black one is new) but I added a little shopping list label to them and the ribbon

Now for all all the post-it holders with gel pens that delayed my post earlier. I love them in the bags, makes them look so much better. There are two more that were made but you need to click on my shop link on the right side to see those!

Next are two more post-it holders using the acrylic frames
Two post-it keychains that I actually finished last week but had to add the ring and ribbon

And what would one of my weekends be without coupon holders! I also had made a single file on to go on the fridge but I forgot to take a pic of it before I gave it to my friend who suggested the idea

Can I just say how hard it is for me to put that pink and black one in the sell pile and not keep it for myself! I gave myself the weak promise of if it doesn't sell, I can keep it. But I highly doubt it will be left. Also if you see things I post on here for the fair but would like to purchase them, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be more than happy to post it as a reserved item for you.

Also did some shopping this weekend. If you can't tell, I got a scallop punch and small circle one. Went crazy with using it this weekend lol. Also found some good deals on getting a few stamp pads for only $2.00 each along with a stamp set for $3.00! On a non-craft note I got a new purse on clearance today for $7.50! So excited, I've been wanting to make one of those rag quilt purses but don't know when I'll actually have time to. I found the one I got at Target and it's olive green. Seems to be my preference when it comes to purse colors considering this is my third one this color lol.

Well dinner isn't going to cook itself, so Happy Crafting!

Gonna try

So I got a ton of stuff done this week and that was my goal. I had made a list this week of the stuff that was finished for the fair and it was pathetic lol. So I decided I was going to crank out alot of finished items, especially those that were started and just sitting around. I'm going to try and post pics later but I need to go to Staples and get more gel pens for my one type of post-it holders. I have like eight of them waiting for it before I bag them and I really wanna be able to put them away with everything else I've finished. So hopefully I can get them, take the pics and post today. We'll see if I can pull that off lol.

I hope everyone else had a productive creative weekend!