Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft Fair Update

Ok now that I've chilled out from the disaster that was yesterday I can post more about it. The whole thing seemed to go wrong from the beginning. First a few weeks before I got a call saying that I was having a small table than the one I'd paid for since they didn't do a proper count of their tables. That turned out to be ok since I didn't have time to make as much stuff. Second I get my lunch menu (we are told not to bring outside food) and the only thing I would eat on it was a salad, the options were egg salad or tuna salad sandwich; or salad with a scoop of either of those salads with it. Thank goodness I was allowed to ask for no scoop. And the only way I could get some caffeine since I don't drink coffee was a Diet Coke, YUCK! Third it was slow as anything and sales were almost none exsistent. By 1pm (three hours after it started) I had two whole sales. Fourth my lunch didn't arrive. I had put down for 1pm delivery and by 1:20 no lunch. I had to go to the back (thank goodness my mom had showed up to give me a break) to personnally get my food. Fifth the salad sucked! Barely ate half of it. So I paid $6.00 for a half eaten salad, a nasty Diet Coke, a bag of chips, bag of cookies and an apple that I gave my son. And finally Six, I had four whole sales totaling $25 which only covered my table fee!

The plus sides, yes amazingly there are some good things: One my table was near the entrance. Two my basket of goodies for the raffle had a ton of tickets dropped in and looked the best. Most had their products just sitting there. Three the majority of people had barely any sales so it wasn't just me. and Four time did pass by quickly considering the slowness and the fact it was 6 hours long.

Here are the pics of my setup
Close up of the postit stands and dry erase stands

Close up of the other corner, there are the coupon holders, tealight boxes, post-it keychains, and get well bags
The journals

The Stationery boxes, bookmarks and mini composition books
Post-it holder with pen and skinny pads

The funny thing is I'd forgot to bring the candle-pops I did but turned out to be a good thing since I didn't have room for them.

I'm not letting this flop get me down. I already have two applications for two more events that are in the next few weeks. So I'll be able to take everything I've made for this one there and hopefully will do better than this. Remember to keep watch in my shop for new items to be added!

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  1. My first show was a complete flop too. I think it's just one of those things that happens to everyone. Keep on trying and take note of what people are buying and looking at the most from your booth as well as others. Give out plenty of business cards and start an mailing list offering coupons and sales. I usually have a drawing for a giveaway on my blog too.
    There are tons of tips for having a successful show. My biggest promblem is always looking too cluttered and trying to bring too much stuff. I hope that your next shows goes better than this one. I know how you feel after all that hard work... but look on the bright side... you have plenty of product for your next show.. AND if it doesn't sell... you can always list it in your Etsy shop. ( =