Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain rain go away!

 Man it's been such a crappy weather week here! I had planned on posting new stuff to the shop this week but the weather is not cooperating with me! I don't like taking pictures in cloudy weather. So updates on everything else. I didn't have a fair last weekend but it was a strawberry church filled one. Saturday we went strawberry picking. SO MUCH FUN!
The monster mutated strawberry my son picked
The results of handling strawberries

We ended up with so many strawberries we didn't know what to do with them! But definitely an experience I want to do again! The next day we had a strawberry event at church where we served strawberry shortcake in exchange for food for a food drive. I sold stuff I made with my church's new logo on them. I made postit holders with the mini gel pens, the postit keychains, notepads and shopping organizers. They were a big hit and going to be selling them for the next few weeks.
I just wish the rain would stop! I woke up this morning to almost blackness. Considering it was 11am, it seemed more like 5am. No I'm not a slacker who likes to sleep late, I happen to work till 2am so I have a legit reason to sleep to almost noon lol. But I woke in the middle of a bad thunderstorm. Here's what it looked out:

It's still raining out and I'm hoping it lets up some by the time I have to pick my son up from school. I have one more fair coming up this weekend. I'm definitely looking forward to it. One it's actually close to home for once and two it's to raise money for a team that's doing the breast cancer walk. Luckily I don't have to do too much prep for this one, I just wanna make a few more coupon holders since they are my best sellers and that should be it! Well break time is over and gotta work on the orders I got from church. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft Fair round 3

So I finally decided to give myself time to make another post. Busy doesn't even begin to cover my life this week. But I don't even wanna think about my to-do list right now. Last weekend I did the Bark-fest event that raised money for a dog park and other dog related things. I had a good time and loved seeing all the different kinds of dogs. It made me miss my doggie! I didn't wanna bring him just to have him sit there for three-four hours. I did alright considering it seemed most people there were just there to look and get freebies from other vendors. The only down side was the position I was at, the sun beamed on one side of my body the whole time! I literally got sunburn on one shoulder! Oh well :) Anyway, here are the pics from this fair.

My setup:

A few close-ups of my favorite stuff I made for this event (besides the journals above)

One more set of pictures. This is the stuff I made for a good friend of mine from church for her birthday. I had made the pattern paper myself since I didn't have any red butterfly paper. I love how they both came out and I think I might have to make more of it!

I added the closure to the post it holder since I knew she would put it on the fridge. I get a break this weekend from "craft fairs" but only to have it be a strawberry filled weekend. My church is having a special strawberry event where we're giving free strawberry shortcake, made with the strawberries we'll be picking on Saturday, in exchange for food for a food drive. I'm making alot of stuff for it along with products with my church logo on it. I'll of course have plenty of pics from that too! Ok so I think I've taken a long enough break of my too long to-do list. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where's the pause button?!

I swear that thought must go through my head atleast once a day lately. I'm prepping for yet another fair this weekend. It's a charity event for an animal shelter so it should be fun but also means I had to add alot of dog-themed items to my stash. I've been almost none stop doing stuff everyday and I have my normal job on top of it all! I wish I had some pics to share, but don't wanna post my crappy cell pics again just to have something to show. I will try and get pics of most of what I'm working on by the fair. Some of it has turned out really cute! Well it's late and my book is calling to me before bed ( I love Karen Rose!) but I wanted to get a quick update up. Happy crafting!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft Fair round 2

So did another fair yesterday. So much more successfull. Didn't make as much as I had hoped, but I tripled the customers I had at the last one I did. There wasn't as large of a crowd as I would have thought. It was at school fair. I assumed it would be like my son's but apparently not. I'm still pleased with the results and had a pleasant time over all too. It was definitely a new experience too, it was an outside fair. My first time doing one outside. I lucked out with a beautiful day weather wise too! Here's my set up that I had

Close up shots

The basket in the corner was the prize I was raffling off. The journals below I personalized on the spot and sold 4 of them! I was kinda glad the dog one didn't sell, I need it for next week's one since it's all about dogs!
I'm so sore from yesterday too. I had to carry everything a decent amount all by myself. Luckily when leaving, they allowed us to pull our cars directly up to our spots. I got three more outdoor events the next three weekends, including a church one where I'll be selling only the stuff with our logo on it. The other two are are for charity so those should bring in a decent crowd. We'll see! I have tons to do and very little time so off to craft again! Happy crafting everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Here we go again!

So I was able to sign up for those two new fairs. Luckily I don't have to make much for the one that is this weekend, but will have to change some stuff for the second fair because it's a dog theme. I'm going to do raffle at my table, here is the prize for it:
(don't mind my kitchen stuff behind it)

Here's some new stuff I've been working on. This is a chalkboard message stand minus the chalk that I will add next to the pen. Just bought it at the store today so haven't had time to add it to it. And sorry for the crappy pic too, it was done last night with my cell.

The two following items are new to my shop, just click my link on the right side of the page. The first is a hanging/magnetic message board made out of a sheet of chipboard

And this is a new stationery box. I'm definitely going to get more of this paper and make another one!

And these are going to be for my church. All profits will go to it. It was our new logo on it. I'm going to be selling them at church events and stuff like that.

I've also been making more notebooks and they are just too cute! I'll take pics and have them up either by the end of this week or next week. Hopefully I'll do much better at the fair this weekend than the last one. I hope everyone had creative weekends and Happy crafting everyone!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New project

Ok so I'm kinda obsessed with getting books at the library's used bookstore. Hello who can pass up books for $1.00 or less! Anywho i was at the one and noticed Breaking Dawn. (4th book in the Twilight series for those who might not know) Now I own this book so I passed it up but it got my brain working. Why not use it for crafts! So I went back (luckily it was still there) and got it and amazingly Twilight among a few other books. A day or two later I stopped at the other library and got more. This is my stack of books I got for I think $22 all together (three stacks in the back and two in the front, forgot how many I bought)

So far I've only used them to make notebooks but have some other ideas too floating around in my head. I've made the following two Twilight books:

And I've made this one from the Ellen Hopkin's book Impulse
I'm loving them and have even gotten more books yesterday including Matila. One of my all time favorite books and plan on making myself something out of it. I'm very happy with the way the notebooks have turned out and I hope everyone else does to! Keep your eyes open for new stuff and Happy Crafting!