Monday, January 31, 2011

Productive weekend!

Wow did I get alot done this weekend. That's even considering the times I had to stop to snuggle with my sick boy, who btw is doing much better!, and the 4 hours I was at church on Sunday (had some meetings afterwards). I even tried a few new things! (go me lol) Like I mentioned in the previous post, alot of the things I worked on were stuff I had already cut. Here's what those were:

First is a few chapstick holders (for the fair)

Skinny pads for the fair, still need the ribbon on them though

Also did another coupon organizer, but I realized the sticky tape runner I got at Michael's ( how dare they not have regular sticky tape) doesn't work too good for the coupon organizers.

Here's so other stuff I made for the fair. Some acrylic frames that still need the pen attached:

A smarties holder (shh don't tell my son I took a roll of his smarties lol)

Two pregnancy journals I did. One is going to be for the shop and the other I'll take with me to the fair. I'm waiting to post it to the shop though. I wanna see about putting a little pocket on the inside cover for ultrasound pics and stuff like that.

Now for all the new stuff I tried out this weekend. I'm proud that I've tried so many new things. You'll see some in the near future in the shop and some are for the fair.

Just gotta say in this pic I accidentally adhered the top flap to the inside instead of the outside! I did do it right on the other side but took the pic of the wrong side! lol Oops!

And when I make more of these, you won't see the black outlines of the template.

Now these two please forgive the quality of the pics. They are from my cell phone. I had taken that night when I was working on them. I still need to make final adjustments on them.

Thanks for looking at all my projects! I won't get much done today and tomorrow. Got alot of cleaning to do today and tomorrow I gotta take 7-8 garbage bags full of clothes to Metropolitan Ministries to donate. Hopefully after all that I can figure out what to do on the pregnancy journals and get more stuff cut for the weekend. Happy crafting!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lots to do

So I totally slacked all week. Don't know what was up but just wasn't motivated to do much. The only thing I actually completed during the week was a thank you card to go with the gifts I had made. Of course I forgot till after I sealed the box to take the pic of the card, so no pic :(

Not getting much done today. My poor little boy is sick. He keeps wanting to snuggle. I'm slowly finishing up stuff though I've cut in the past few weeks. Some of that includes chapstick holders and skinny pads. Currently taking a break, then back to the grind so to speak. Hope everyone is having a good crafty weekend!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Successful weekend!

Well I got alot done this weekend. Not as much as I orginially planned but not bad at all. I probably would've accomplished everything on my list if I didn't have to add another set of errands to my list on Saturday and didn't spend a few hours organizing some of my supplies (beads are a major pain btw!). I got my custom order done along with a review item:

Also did another sock monkey set, totally channeling Senior Guapo (Those who have seen the series Tower Prep would get that reference) this weekend.

I almost didn't want to post that set in the shop. I'm loving it too much! I might have to go back to Michael's and get more of the paper and make myself my own set! One last item is something I did last weekend but totally forgot to post it. It's going to be for the fair. I saw these mini frames at Walmart and had to get them. I think the size is 2.25x3. Could be slightly off on that though. Now I'm making the normal 4x6 ones for the fair and thought how cute would it be to do a few smaller ones for those who only use the mini post-its

 In other news I did my first sheparding at my son's Sunday school this past weekend. It was weird being there and not off running errands. But I enjoyed it. Going to be helping atleast a once a month now. (Like I needed to add more to my schedule lol). I'm also feeling much much better! Hopefully will stay that way. Now I only have one more small gift item (yes yours Jenn lol) and then I can totally concentrate on fair and shop items!

Happy crafting!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Busy

Been getting lots done. Finishing up some projects that have been started awhile ago (ie my Aunt & Uncle's gifts). Still have tons left to do on my to-do list for the weekend, including finishing a custom order I had started last night. Here's what's done so far...
My Aunt's gifts:

Here's my Uncle's gifts, not as much. Kinda hard to think of "guy" things.

Now I just gotta make them a Thank You card and pack it all up! And no this all was not completed yesterday. Basically it was all done just needed some finishing touches. Also if you noticed in her stationery box there was alittle something different. No tags. Instead a mini phone book. Now I did make tags and because I didn't double-check my notes I had made, I made them too big! So instead of redoing them all, I decided to change it up a bit and like it alot!

Now here's what else I finished up last night. The post-it holders are a definite for the fair, the shopping set I'm up in the air on whether or not to post in the shop or to wait for the fair. Guess you gotta wait to see on Monday what I decide :)

I still need to put the post-it holders above still need the post-it's stuck and the same goes for the skinny pad. I got a few new items I want to try out tonight. We'll see what happens, also going to get a couple few things done for the shop. I'm definitely making up for my lack of stuff last weekend!

**Remember if you see anything you like, I do custom orders at my Etsy shop!**

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Featured in giveaway!

It's raining, it's pouring, I'm sitting in bed bloging lol. Ok it's late forgive me lol. Anyways I'm so honored one of my customers I'm doing a custom order for asked if she could feature my shop on her blog and do a giveaway. Of course I said yes! So please check out her blog at Paper Pixie Crafts
This is the set that will be given away:

So definitely go check our her blog, she's also going to be featuring several other Etsy shops, I'm certainly excited to see the other giveaways after looking at their sites!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm slowly starting to feel better. Thank goodness! Thanks to having this nasty cold I don't have much to report that's completed. I have tons of stuff started but nothing completed. Here are the stationery boxes that I've started

Still have a ways to go to finish all of them, but they are started. I've also started some "basket goodies" like chapstick holders and nail file holders. Also cut some post-it holders today and yesterday. No pic though. Also since I'm still fighting off this nasty cold I don't have anything new to post in the shop. Hopefully will have a few new items next week.

Lastly finally took a decent pic of my business card. Got a bunch made up to post on my church's bullentin board and for the fair.
Don't mind the green background, I had a stack of the post-it holder paper I had cut in my hand when I took the pic.

Happy crafting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Again? Really?!

Sad to say I'm sick again! This is the third time in three months I've gotten sick! I can't even remember the last time I've gotten sick so often. Needless to say I didn't get much accomplished this weekend :( I did get alot more stuff cut but nothing really finished. Hopefully I can shake this nasty cold quickly so I can finish the stuff I've cut. We'll see...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready set Craft!

So errands have been done and now I'm finally getting started on things for the fair that's next month. I spent yesterday printing out mechandise sheets, basically they are for me to figure out the individual costs of the stuff I buy so I can figure out how much to charge for my items and my business cards! Finally! I had ran out of ink earlier and got some on Tuesday. I'll post a pic of them later, the one I took with my cell is craptastic so I'll have to redo it later.

I've started the prep work on the coupon organizers and the stationery boxes. I can't assemble them till this weekend at the earliest because of my lack of sticky tape. Trying to hold off till Saturday to go to Joann's since they're having another special weekend sale. So I've once again taken over the kitchen counter in order to do my work, Here's part of my mess from the coupon ones, thank goodness I don't have the sticky tape because I don't think I want to see these any time soon, I ended up with 60 pieces I had to score in the end!

Now I'm taking a break from the stationery boxes. I plan on making five to sell and another for a gift basket I'm donating for the fair. We'll see if I manage the five to sell lol

There's so much I want to have made for this fair, just hoping I can get it all done. It's a six hour fair so I'm hoping for a good day! Well off to score more paper!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New items in shop

Just post two new items in my Etsy shop: A coupon organizer and a shopping set.

If interested, just click the shop link on the right side of the page. I also finished these corner bookmarks over the weekend. They'll be posted on the shop soon, I need to go back and attach the ribbon the back so it doesn't get caught on the pages.
I think I found my new favorite thing to make doing these. Probably because it combines my two favorite things, crafting and reading!

In other news, don't need to decide what area for my craft table at the fair. The lady had emailed me back to let me know that the main lobby part was sold out :( Oh well in a way I'm glad, saves me like $10 that I don't have lol. Got a good list so far so the things I wanna have done, including items I've posted on here. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should sell or what they know sells good at fairs, I'm always open to suggestions!

Monday, January 10, 2011

So excited!

I finally heard back from the lady about a craft fair that is at the end of next month. I just gotta decide how much I wanna pay for my table, ie the location and size, fill out the form and mail it all in. Atleast I have more than 2 weeks to prepare for this one. So my posting of items for the shop will be low till after the fair but I will be adding more. The stuff I did this weekend will hopefully be posted tomorrow. It's pretty nasty and rainy outside right now so I won't be able to get any decent pictures.

Now I just have to figure out what all I'm going to make. I have to make a few adjustments since it's at a synagogue I want to be respectful and not bring any of my Christian related items. In a way kinda glad since I've had my fill of dealing with a huge stack of composition books from the last fair lol. And it gives me a reason to search for more crafts, like spring related. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I won't go crazy from being so busy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Update

I figured since I'm home earlier than normal from church (went to early service due to my son's choir singing) I'd take to time to post some of what I'm currently working on. I have a few more projects just didn't wanna drag it all out.

This is for church for our Faith Rock ministries. Faith rocks are those clear colored gem things and we put prayer stickers and our church name on them. It's not quite finished but almost there

Another shopping set for the shop, just needs some finishing touches before it will be posted on Monday

This is a set of stuff I'm currently working on for an Aunt of mine, also working on something for her husband too but it's barely started. Apparently my brain wasn't working when I bought the paper and only bought 1 sheet instead of two!

I plan on making more of the stationery boxes in the near future. Got some cute paper today at Michael's. Which by the way if you haven't heard they have alot of Cricut carts for on $9.99 right now! I caved at bought three! Can't wait to play with them. But gotta nap first!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slow cleaning

So I've been slowly cleaning my craft room aka the spare room for the past few weekends now. It got pretty bad since Sept. Started with having a yard sale, then volunteering for a few weeks at a pumpkin patch, then a craft fair, and finally holidays. This is the result of that:
View from the doorway
View from the the window area

Yeah I know it was bad! I could barely walk in there without knocking into something. But after alot of work last weekend I've gotten it as close to it as I can for now. Got too much stuff and not enough space. Going to continue my journey on getting it to how I want it. Hopefully within the next few months but here's it is so far

New view from the door, don't mind my doggie on the floor. He follows me everywhere

New view from the window area, and *gasp* yes that is a clean desk!
My goal for the year is to keep it clean. That is always my hardest goal to keep but determined this year!! Off to crafting and cleaning, will post my current projects later

Friday, January 7, 2011

First post!

I figured it was about time I started one of these. Especially now with my Etsy shop up, I wanted a place to display my items and show what I'm working on instead of just posting the pictures on my personal Facebook page. I'll slowly get this to how I want it so expect changes in the next few days, especially during the weekend when I have more time. Also don't forget to check out the shop!