Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ready set Craft!

So errands have been done and now I'm finally getting started on things for the fair that's next month. I spent yesterday printing out mechandise sheets, basically they are for me to figure out the individual costs of the stuff I buy so I can figure out how much to charge for my items and my business cards! Finally! I had ran out of ink earlier and got some on Tuesday. I'll post a pic of them later, the one I took with my cell is craptastic so I'll have to redo it later.

I've started the prep work on the coupon organizers and the stationery boxes. I can't assemble them till this weekend at the earliest because of my lack of sticky tape. Trying to hold off till Saturday to go to Joann's since they're having another special weekend sale. So I've once again taken over the kitchen counter in order to do my work, Here's part of my mess from the coupon ones, thank goodness I don't have the sticky tape because I don't think I want to see these any time soon, I ended up with 60 pieces I had to score in the end!

Now I'm taking a break from the stationery boxes. I plan on making five to sell and another for a gift basket I'm donating for the fair. We'll see if I manage the five to sell lol

There's so much I want to have made for this fair, just hoping I can get it all done. It's a six hour fair so I'm hoping for a good day! Well off to score more paper!

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