Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Busy

Been getting lots done. Finishing up some projects that have been started awhile ago (ie my Aunt & Uncle's gifts). Still have tons left to do on my to-do list for the weekend, including finishing a custom order I had started last night. Here's what's done so far...
My Aunt's gifts:

Here's my Uncle's gifts, not as much. Kinda hard to think of "guy" things.

Now I just gotta make them a Thank You card and pack it all up! And no this all was not completed yesterday. Basically it was all done just needed some finishing touches. Also if you noticed in her stationery box there was alittle something different. No tags. Instead a mini phone book. Now I did make tags and because I didn't double-check my notes I had made, I made them too big! So instead of redoing them all, I decided to change it up a bit and like it alot!

Now here's what else I finished up last night. The post-it holders are a definite for the fair, the shopping set I'm up in the air on whether or not to post in the shop or to wait for the fair. Guess you gotta wait to see on Monday what I decide :)

I still need to put the post-it holders above still need the post-it's stuck and the same goes for the skinny pad. I got a few new items I want to try out tonight. We'll see what happens, also going to get a couple few things done for the shop. I'm definitely making up for my lack of stuff last weekend!

**Remember if you see anything you like, I do custom orders at my Etsy shop!**

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