Monday, January 31, 2011

Productive weekend!

Wow did I get alot done this weekend. That's even considering the times I had to stop to snuggle with my sick boy, who btw is doing much better!, and the 4 hours I was at church on Sunday (had some meetings afterwards). I even tried a few new things! (go me lol) Like I mentioned in the previous post, alot of the things I worked on were stuff I had already cut. Here's what those were:

First is a few chapstick holders (for the fair)

Skinny pads for the fair, still need the ribbon on them though

Also did another coupon organizer, but I realized the sticky tape runner I got at Michael's ( how dare they not have regular sticky tape) doesn't work too good for the coupon organizers.

Here's so other stuff I made for the fair. Some acrylic frames that still need the pen attached:

A smarties holder (shh don't tell my son I took a roll of his smarties lol)

Two pregnancy journals I did. One is going to be for the shop and the other I'll take with me to the fair. I'm waiting to post it to the shop though. I wanna see about putting a little pocket on the inside cover for ultrasound pics and stuff like that.

Now for all the new stuff I tried out this weekend. I'm proud that I've tried so many new things. You'll see some in the near future in the shop and some are for the fair.

Just gotta say in this pic I accidentally adhered the top flap to the inside instead of the outside! I did do it right on the other side but took the pic of the wrong side! lol Oops!

And when I make more of these, you won't see the black outlines of the template.

Now these two please forgive the quality of the pics. They are from my cell phone. I had taken that night when I was working on them. I still need to make final adjustments on them.

Thanks for looking at all my projects! I won't get much done today and tomorrow. Got alot of cleaning to do today and tomorrow I gotta take 7-8 garbage bags full of clothes to Metropolitan Ministries to donate. Hopefully after all that I can figure out what to do on the pregnancy journals and get more stuff cut for the weekend. Happy crafting!

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  1. You've got some great things coming along girlie! I love seeing your projects. Keep up the great work. ( =
    Cant wait to get my package. (=