Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm slowly starting to feel better. Thank goodness! Thanks to having this nasty cold I don't have much to report that's completed. I have tons of stuff started but nothing completed. Here are the stationery boxes that I've started

Still have a ways to go to finish all of them, but they are started. I've also started some "basket goodies" like chapstick holders and nail file holders. Also cut some post-it holders today and yesterday. No pic though. Also since I'm still fighting off this nasty cold I don't have anything new to post in the shop. Hopefully will have a few new items next week.

Lastly finally took a decent pic of my business card. Got a bunch made up to post on my church's bullentin board and for the fair.
Don't mind the green background, I had a stack of the post-it holder paper I had cut in my hand when I took the pic.

Happy crafting!

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