Sunday, June 9, 2013

A glimpse into my world

I decided while in the midst of working on a huge load of bracelet orders; 1 Hobbit bracelet and 4 custom bracelets consisting of 6 different books! that I would give you a glimpse into what I do to create them. Please note this is not a tutorial, just a look into what I do. Wish I had taken a few more pics of the process but did most of my work last night and couldn't get good enough pics.

Here I'm working on rolling some of The Hobbit beads

I like to get creative when I work. I use wax paper have under the pages when I run the adhesive on it, bobby pins to hold them closed till I can glue them, and my pen roller.

Next after I'm done rolling the beads, I move onto the gluing part.
My gluing station is this covered wooden ottoman cube thing. I flipped the lid so I have the hard surface inside of the padded. Again I use the wax paper to put my glue on. There's my latex glues to keep the glue off of me. Learned real quick with the water resistant epoxy I use that I need them! Getting water resistant glue off once dry is not fun! Also have my foam brush for applying the glue and my holder.
a close-up of my holder. I totally made it myself out of clay and yes those are toothpicks sticking out! I swear half the time I use regular household items when crafting.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what it takes to make the book page bracelets I do. And as a reward here are two new bracelets that you will see very soon: Clockwork Angel (Infernal Device series) and The Fault in Our Stars.

Happy crafting!