Monday, May 30, 2011

Just another quickie

Ok folks sorry I haven't been posting but loads have been going on here. First and for most I'm beyond swamped! My church asked me if I would make 150 coupon holders by this Saturday! They are going to be part of our Outreach during the coupon workshop. Yeah I did say 150! I know I can do it! Luckily my momma has been helping with some of the small stuff for them. And it make things more intense I've been under the weather all weekend long! Slowly getting better, just need to shake off the sore throat and I'll be feeling 10 times better! Anywho had a free moment to spare since I'm letting my mp3 player charge before bed so I figured I'd pop on and let ya know why no posts lately. Most likely I won't be able to post again till this weekend. Happy crafting and keep your ears open in case I start drowning under all the coupon holders ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Going fast!

Wow what a week for coupon holders! Besides the order of 30 for church, 6 have been sold on the shop. Don't fret though, 4 more have just been added! One includes the strawberry one in my previous post. I've also been working on some shopping organizers. I'm hoping to have pictures up by the end of the week. I've only just started them so I don't really have much to show for them right now.

In other news I might not be doing to true couponing thing. Need to check with them to see if it's ok and as of right now I can't even attend the one at my church as just a registered guest, they've sold out! But there are tons of the workshops they are hosting throughout the city and surrounding area so I do have plenty of chances to go to one. I am however going to be doing a fair at the end of July so I have that to look forward to.

Well keeping this one short, just keep a lookout for new items and Happy crafting!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Wow I can't believe it but I finished the 30 coupon holders that I had an order for. It's been quite a week. My son has been home sick since I picked him up on Tuesday from school and finally went back to school today. I had hoped to take pics of all of them but I didn't have time. I did take a pic of the box of them and two of my favorites. Don't mind my car in the background in them, I did it at a red light lol.

Don't think I've ever had so many done at once!

Now that they are done, I'm onto working on more for the True Couponing event and then I have a fair I'm going to do at the end of July. I also have the notepad order for church to do. Plus I gotta make some sense of the craft room. It still looks like an episode of Hoarders lol. I have to get it to some order so the AC guy can access the attic for the maintance next Friday. Luckily I'm almost done setting up my gardens. Only have squash and zucchini really left to plant into the ground. Hopefully can get that done this weekend.

In shop news, the coupon holders are going like hotcakes as Jenn would say :) I hope to have new ones up sometime next. May even see a repeat of the two I have pictured. Also hope to have atleast one new type of item by the end of June. Plus I've been coming up with some new ideas soon that will be appearing some time this summer so definitely keep your eyes peeled. Also still considering doing the giveaways, but waiting for more followers so pass it on!

Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Found the pause button

Man life has been insanely busy! Finally had a few minutes I figured I could spare to finally get another post up. I've got a few orders from my church I'm working; 30 coupon holders and 100 notepads. Also have a True Couponing seminar my church is hosting that I'm allowed to sell at. Also still finishing up getting the rest of my plants in the ground. We also just made another day trip to Disney this past Saturday. Had a blast!

I also last week made quick gifts for Egan's teachers. I apologize for the pictures since I had used my cell phone for taking them.

Also I had mentioned in my previous post about some other coupon holders I had made. The wolf eyes one is for a friend, but a little teaser, you will see it again with something and the other one will go to church and if it isn't picked, it may be posted so keep your eyes peeled!

Ok had planned to post more but just got a call from my son's school and he's sick, so more later! Happy Crafting!

Monday, May 9, 2011

New items and good deals!

Finally made some new coupon holders. Though I need to be working on an order for 30 of them due in a week and a half, I took a break to make these. I also am making ones to sell at a True Couponing seminar my church is hosting the first weekend of May. I had really wanted to try out those Mickey scissors I posted about and here's the final result:

So cute!! They were quite a pain to use but I think after awhile I'll get used to them. I made a few more holders that weren't posted on the shop. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those so they will have to wait to my next post.

In other news I went shopping today for a few supplies. Got some cute paper on clearance at JoAnn's so you may see it soon used on the coupon holders. Also got some stamps, ink and a pack of blank Easter cards for fifty cents each!  Then it was off to Walmart for some well needed flavor packs for my water and I swung over to their scrapbook section and I couldn't believe it when I found two Cricut carts for only $8.00 each on clearance!!! And one is a religious one! Ideas are already flowing like mad!

So keep your eyes peeled to here and the shop for items featuring stuff made from these carts. Can't wait to play! Happy Crafting everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011


What a week I had last week. We had a blast at Disney. We were able to go to Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Of course I took a ton of pictures, maybe this trip will be what I needed to spark my scrapbooking mojo. I certainly want to remember everything. I even took a courage pill and went on my first real coaster, Thunder Mountain. What a rush! Almost went on Splash mountain but we didn't thank goodness lol. I almost made my mom sick on the teacups and enjoyed a magic carpet ride with my aunt. I got wet on the Backlot tours and felt the heat at the Indiana Jones show. Bought a few things to remember my trip and my mom got me something that you will see used soon at the shop. I can't wait to make stuff with these:
I'm not usually one to use the decorative scissors but how can you not want to use these! Now I just have to clean up the craft room so I can get to work. That's my plan for this week; working on the garden and cleaning. I'll also be posting more items this week on the shop.

In other news I'm thinking of doing a give-a-away soon in means to get more followers and to promote my shop. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to try to win, please leave a comment. I haven't made the items for the give-a-away yet so I'm open to any suggestions on color, theme and the items to go in it.

Happy crafting everyone!