Monday, May 9, 2011

New items and good deals!

Finally made some new coupon holders. Though I need to be working on an order for 30 of them due in a week and a half, I took a break to make these. I also am making ones to sell at a True Couponing seminar my church is hosting the first weekend of May. I had really wanted to try out those Mickey scissors I posted about and here's the final result:

So cute!! They were quite a pain to use but I think after awhile I'll get used to them. I made a few more holders that weren't posted on the shop. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those so they will have to wait to my next post.

In other news I went shopping today for a few supplies. Got some cute paper on clearance at JoAnn's so you may see it soon used on the coupon holders. Also got some stamps, ink and a pack of blank Easter cards for fifty cents each!  Then it was off to Walmart for some well needed flavor packs for my water and I swung over to their scrapbook section and I couldn't believe it when I found two Cricut carts for only $8.00 each on clearance!!! And one is a religious one! Ideas are already flowing like mad!

So keep your eyes peeled to here and the shop for items featuring stuff made from these carts. Can't wait to play! Happy Crafting everyone!

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  1. Wow what great deals! I'll have to check out my walmarts!!! All the new coupon holders came out soooo cute but that Mickey one is the cutest, well except the twilight ones which you didn't post :(