Monday, May 30, 2011

Just another quickie

Ok folks sorry I haven't been posting but loads have been going on here. First and for most I'm beyond swamped! My church asked me if I would make 150 coupon holders by this Saturday! They are going to be part of our Outreach during the coupon workshop. Yeah I did say 150! I know I can do it! Luckily my momma has been helping with some of the small stuff for them. And it make things more intense I've been under the weather all weekend long! Slowly getting better, just need to shake off the sore throat and I'll be feeling 10 times better! Anywho had a free moment to spare since I'm letting my mp3 player charge before bed so I figured I'd pop on and let ya know why no posts lately. Most likely I won't be able to post again till this weekend. Happy crafting and keep your ears open in case I start drowning under all the coupon holders ;)

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