Friday, May 31, 2013

Peek a boo it's me!

Man I swear I think doing a blog has to be the hardest thing ever for me! I keep saying that I will keep up with it and it just falls off my to do list every time! Any who! Loads of things have happened since January so let's see.

Only working part time at two jobs now (right so I should have tons of time to blog!). Been trying to concentrate on making new a better things for the shops. Will get to those in a minute. I've become an Aunt! WOOT!! My nephew is too adorable! My son broke his arm, super ouch! Had to have surgery on it and too many doctor visits so far! Plus a few other new things going on in my life that aren't totally set so not mentioning yet.

So onto the good stuff right! No more blabbing about my life outside of crafts (is there such a thing?). So much has been going on in the shops. The birthday celebration sales have been going good and proud I've kept up with them. I try to keep each birthday sale to two months than it will go away. Let's just say this summer look for some major (and I mean MAJOR!) birthday sales. Not mentioning names but 3 very popular book themes will be going on sale! Hopefully I'll keep up with them all!

New stuff has been appearing as well. I'm in my "time off" period from fairs so in the process of getting the majority of my stock posted. So there have been things I've made just not posted since I've been going to fairs. Did you see them all?! Here's some for you:

New covered scratch pads in MyThoughtsExactly

Skinny pads making their comeback in MTE as well!

There are keychains(also available in MTE as well) :
Working with another shop to create some earrings: 
And the perfect item to carry all your stuff in- a purse made from a book (have many more planned so keep your eyes pealed!)

Phew! That's alot of new items and I didn't even show them all to you! Why ruin all the fun, let you check out the shops and see!. 

Also have to tease another sale that will be going on in My Thoughts Exactly shop. I have way too many made journals right now and looking to clear some so I'll be having an "overstock" sale all summer on journals. They will be marked really low so take advantage while you can!

That's enough from me now. I'd ask you to check out my mom's new Etsy shop as well. She makes these really cute lightweight jewelry (bracelets, necklaces and watches) mostly from satin rattail cord. Her prices are amazing as well! You can find it : BeasAccessories
Here are just a few of her things:

Happy crafting everyone!!