Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Found the pause button

Man life has been insanely busy! Finally had a few minutes I figured I could spare to finally get another post up. I've got a few orders from my church I'm working; 30 coupon holders and 100 notepads. Also have a True Couponing seminar my church is hosting that I'm allowed to sell at. Also still finishing up getting the rest of my plants in the ground. We also just made another day trip to Disney this past Saturday. Had a blast!

I also last week made quick gifts for Egan's teachers. I apologize for the pictures since I had used my cell phone for taking them.

Also I had mentioned in my previous post about some other coupon holders I had made. The wolf eyes one is for a friend, but a little teaser, you will see it again with something and the other one will go to church and if it isn't picked, it may be posted so keep your eyes peeled!

Ok had planned to post more but just got a call from my son's school and he's sick, so more later! Happy Crafting!

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  1. so lovin my wolf eyes :) YAY Jacob!!!!!!!! better get to work on your gift again soon