Monday, January 24, 2011

Successful weekend!

Well I got alot done this weekend. Not as much as I orginially planned but not bad at all. I probably would've accomplished everything on my list if I didn't have to add another set of errands to my list on Saturday and didn't spend a few hours organizing some of my supplies (beads are a major pain btw!). I got my custom order done along with a review item:

Also did another sock monkey set, totally channeling Senior Guapo (Those who have seen the series Tower Prep would get that reference) this weekend.

I almost didn't want to post that set in the shop. I'm loving it too much! I might have to go back to Michael's and get more of the paper and make myself my own set! One last item is something I did last weekend but totally forgot to post it. It's going to be for the fair. I saw these mini frames at Walmart and had to get them. I think the size is 2.25x3. Could be slightly off on that though. Now I'm making the normal 4x6 ones for the fair and thought how cute would it be to do a few smaller ones for those who only use the mini post-its

 In other news I did my first sheparding at my son's Sunday school this past weekend. It was weird being there and not off running errands. But I enjoyed it. Going to be helping atleast a once a month now. (Like I needed to add more to my schedule lol). I'm also feeling much much better! Hopefully will stay that way. Now I only have one more small gift item (yes yours Jenn lol) and then I can totally concentrate on fair and shop items!

Happy crafting!

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