Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft Fair round 2

So did another fair yesterday. So much more successfull. Didn't make as much as I had hoped, but I tripled the customers I had at the last one I did. There wasn't as large of a crowd as I would have thought. It was at school fair. I assumed it would be like my son's but apparently not. I'm still pleased with the results and had a pleasant time over all too. It was definitely a new experience too, it was an outside fair. My first time doing one outside. I lucked out with a beautiful day weather wise too! Here's my set up that I had

Close up shots

The basket in the corner was the prize I was raffling off. The journals below I personalized on the spot and sold 4 of them! I was kinda glad the dog one didn't sell, I need it for next week's one since it's all about dogs!
I'm so sore from yesterday too. I had to carry everything a decent amount all by myself. Luckily when leaving, they allowed us to pull our cars directly up to our spots. I got three more outdoor events the next three weekends, including a church one where I'll be selling only the stuff with our logo on it. The other two are are for charity so those should bring in a decent crowd. We'll see! I have tons to do and very little time so off to craft again! Happy crafting everyone!

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  1. great job on the setup! I really like the chalkboard too - everything looks so professional - great job sis