Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New project

Ok so I'm kinda obsessed with getting books at the library's used bookstore. Hello who can pass up books for $1.00 or less! Anywho i was at the one and noticed Breaking Dawn. (4th book in the Twilight series for those who might not know) Now I own this book so I passed it up but it got my brain working. Why not use it for crafts! So I went back (luckily it was still there) and got it and amazingly Twilight among a few other books. A day or two later I stopped at the other library and got more. This is my stack of books I got for I think $22 all together (three stacks in the back and two in the front, forgot how many I bought)

So far I've only used them to make notebooks but have some other ideas too floating around in my head. I've made the following two Twilight books:

And I've made this one from the Ellen Hopkin's book Impulse
I'm loving them and have even gotten more books yesterday including Matila. One of my all time favorite books and plan on making myself something out of it. I'm very happy with the way the notebooks have turned out and I hope everyone else does to! Keep your eyes open for new stuff and Happy Crafting!

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