Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft Fair round 3

So I finally decided to give myself time to make another post. Busy doesn't even begin to cover my life this week. But I don't even wanna think about my to-do list right now. Last weekend I did the Bark-fest event that raised money for a dog park and other dog related things. I had a good time and loved seeing all the different kinds of dogs. It made me miss my doggie! I didn't wanna bring him just to have him sit there for three-four hours. I did alright considering it seemed most people there were just there to look and get freebies from other vendors. The only down side was the position I was at, the sun beamed on one side of my body the whole time! I literally got sunburn on one shoulder! Oh well :) Anyway, here are the pics from this fair.

My setup:

A few close-ups of my favorite stuff I made for this event (besides the journals above)

One more set of pictures. This is the stuff I made for a good friend of mine from church for her birthday. I had made the pattern paper myself since I didn't have any red butterfly paper. I love how they both came out and I think I might have to make more of it!

I added the closure to the post it holder since I knew she would put it on the fridge. I get a break this weekend from "craft fairs" but only to have it be a strawberry filled weekend. My church is having a special strawberry event where we're giving free strawberry shortcake, made with the strawberries we'll be picking on Saturday, in exchange for food for a food drive. I'm making alot of stuff for it along with products with my church logo on it. I'll of course have plenty of pics from that too! Ok so I think I've taken a long enough break of my too long to-do list. Happy crafting!

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