Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain rain go away!

 Man it's been such a crappy weather week here! I had planned on posting new stuff to the shop this week but the weather is not cooperating with me! I don't like taking pictures in cloudy weather. So updates on everything else. I didn't have a fair last weekend but it was a strawberry church filled one. Saturday we went strawberry picking. SO MUCH FUN!
The monster mutated strawberry my son picked
The results of handling strawberries

We ended up with so many strawberries we didn't know what to do with them! But definitely an experience I want to do again! The next day we had a strawberry event at church where we served strawberry shortcake in exchange for food for a food drive. I sold stuff I made with my church's new logo on them. I made postit holders with the mini gel pens, the postit keychains, notepads and shopping organizers. They were a big hit and going to be selling them for the next few weeks.
I just wish the rain would stop! I woke up this morning to almost blackness. Considering it was 11am, it seemed more like 5am. No I'm not a slacker who likes to sleep late, I happen to work till 2am so I have a legit reason to sleep to almost noon lol. But I woke in the middle of a bad thunderstorm. Here's what it looked out:

It's still raining out and I'm hoping it lets up some by the time I have to pick my son up from school. I have one more fair coming up this weekend. I'm definitely looking forward to it. One it's actually close to home for once and two it's to raise money for a team that's doing the breast cancer walk. Luckily I don't have to do too much prep for this one, I just wanna make a few more coupon holders since they are my best sellers and that should be it! Well break time is over and gotta work on the orders I got from church. Happy crafting!

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  1. Man it looks so crappy out I hope it clears up by this weekend for your fair!