Monday, February 14, 2011

On a roll!

I can't believe how much I got done this weekend And not just crafting either. Despite my sleep issues this weekend (thanks to people not being nice and quiet for those who work at night), I kicked butt. First I went shopping at Ikea, and can I just say I LOVE THAT STORE! lol I could stay there for hours, and I did too. You know a store is big when you are there for the same two hours as someone else you know and never see them! I got some storage stuff that I saw on one of my favorite crafting sites, Kerry's Paper Crafts. I won't get mine set up till after the fair though. Also got a ton of tealights, you'll see what I got them for further down. Thanks to them, my craft room is smelling might nice :) I also found a dining table that I want so bad for the craft room. I gotta wait till after the fair though and see how my money is before I can justify getting it. BTW I'd like to add that IKEA has the best frozen soft serve vanilla yogurt!
After that I went to Target, nothing really to report there. Mainly got some clothes for my son and a quesadilla maker. Yesterday after sheparding for Sunday school and church, I went to JoAnn's. Got some more good deals on clearance stuff including a 360 sheet pack of K & Company paper for only $10! That makes it like two cents a sheet! Now onto the crafts. I think I got all but one thing done on my list for the weekend. Just wasn't in the mood to work on the stationary boxes. I did get the following done:

Here's the tealight boxes I made. Each including 4 tealights.

Here's a little peek

Two more acrylic frame post-it holders, the one on the right is for the donation gift

A whole bunch of the keychain post-it holders all nice and tucked into their bags. I think I did like 15 of them

More of the post-it holders with gel pens.

I finally got some more of the corner bookmarks done. I'm so in love with them, going to be hard to part with them!

One last corner bookmark and a skinny pad I did.

Are you shocked that there is no new coupon organizers?! I had to make myself NOT do them. I really wanted to concentrate on the smaller stuff and the tealight boxes. I'm going to try and bust out some more stuff this week too. **fingers crossed** Hope ya'll had a productive weekend too and happy crafting!!

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