Monday, February 7, 2011

Craft Fair Goodies

So I spent the majority of the weekend working on items for the craft fair like I said in the other post. I managed to stop at Staples, get the pens, finish up the projects and take the pictures and still have time to spare to post them! Hopefully I can keep up this progress and will have alot of stuff to offer at the fair at the end of the month.

First here's part of the donation gift I have to provide. I still need to go back and add the pens to all the boxes I'm posting today and the tabs in all the coupon organizers as well. Anyway this is the box, coupon holder and skinny pad for the gift:

The other two boxes I finished up (minus the pens)

I posted these last week (only the pink and black one is new) but I added a little shopping list label to them and the ribbon

Now for all all the post-it holders with gel pens that delayed my post earlier. I love them in the bags, makes them look so much better. There are two more that were made but you need to click on my shop link on the right side to see those!

Next are two more post-it holders using the acrylic frames
Two post-it keychains that I actually finished last week but had to add the ring and ribbon

And what would one of my weekends be without coupon holders! I also had made a single file on to go on the fridge but I forgot to take a pic of it before I gave it to my friend who suggested the idea

Can I just say how hard it is for me to put that pink and black one in the sell pile and not keep it for myself! I gave myself the weak promise of if it doesn't sell, I can keep it. But I highly doubt it will be left. Also if you see things I post on here for the fair but would like to purchase them, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be more than happy to post it as a reserved item for you.

Also did some shopping this weekend. If you can't tell, I got a scallop punch and small circle one. Went crazy with using it this weekend lol. Also found some good deals on getting a few stamp pads for only $2.00 each along with a stamp set for $3.00! On a non-craft note I got a new purse on clearance today for $7.50! So excited, I've been wanting to make one of those rag quilt purses but don't know when I'll actually have time to. I found the one I got at Target and it's olive green. Seems to be my preference when it comes to purse colors considering this is my third one this color lol.

Well dinner isn't going to cook itself, so Happy Crafting!

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  1. Mine came in! LOVE the organizer. I'm sure it'll get plenty of use. ( =
    I'll be posting your review soon on my blog. I'll link you up when it post. Thanks for sharing your craft show goodies. Hope the show is a success. ( =