Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft fair blues

Well had that fair today and it was not good! No one did good there so atleast it wasn't just me. The day started out bad with waking up late and rushing, thought I had gotten lost (but didn't lol), forgot a box of items (which turned out to be a blessing since I wouldn't of had enough room) and it was hot! The plus side was I did have a couple of sales and met some great people!

Here's my set up:

My shopping helpers 

 'Tis the season items

"Jot it Down"(Journals and mini composition books) and post-it holder with pen 

Odds & Ends

I was very happy with my setup. I somehow managed to get it set up fast too. A bonus was we were able to drive up to our spots. I was very grateful for that. There was a total shock for me during the fair. A Flash Mob! I had almost forgot it was National Dance Day. You'd think I would've remembered considering how much I love So You Think You Can Dance. They even did the routine they had posted for people to do. Here's a pic I took.

So today wasn't great but not going to let it get me too down. Just think, Lot's of new stuff for the shop! So keep tuned for some new items to be appearing in the month of August. Happy Crafting!

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