Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New items and Giveaway preview

New items are up at the shop! And I plan on slowly adding alot more over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that! One of the new items up is a Tampa Bay Bucs set seen below

Now for giveaway news! Another one is in the works but hoping for a better turn out than the last. Before I get it started, I want to have more followers on both here and on Facebook. So help me out!! Post on your blogs, on your Facebook, etc and let's see how many more I can get in the next 2 weeks. For every ten followers/fans I get, I'll add to the giveaway! I'll also add a small item for when I reach 1,000 views if it happens before the giveaway starts (currently at 700+). Right now it will only be one item, but I'll add to it as the number grows. Here's a sneak peek of that one item:
So if you want it, HELP OUT!! Pass along the sites and see what it is in 2 weeks!
Here are the addresses to share:

Happy Crafting!

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