Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last days of the giveaway and more

Few more days left to enter to win a coupon holder, you can find the post you need to comment on to enter Here.

In other news I'm working like crazy to get stuff for the fair I'm working in 2 weeks. The coupon holders are slowly piling up, shopping organizers are getting assemble and new items are being created. One of them are these notepad portfolios:
You can see a shot of the inside on the shop's Facebook page (link on the sidebar). I plan on making some non holiday ones too but since this fair is called Christmas in July I want to have some holiday items available. The other new item I've made so for are some clipboard chalkboard message boards (still working on the name lol).
 The black skull and the stripe are both chalkboard sheets and the bottom skulls are cork. I still need to attach a ribbon with chalk tied on it to the top clip.

Remember if you like any items I post as "fair" items, you can message me via the shop and I can post it for you to purchase. On the Facebook page you'll find more items I've made including some corner bookmarks. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Those came out really cute! Great Job!!