Monday, June 27, 2011

New coupon holders

New coupon holders have arrived in my shop. Not just the standard six pocket ones either. We now have ones with an extra pocket and ten pocket ones. They are both ones that I've thought about but it took my own coupon holder to be too full to kick me into gear. The extra pocket ones I got the idea from my old plastic coupon holder. It had this extra pocket in the front that you used to put all the coupon that you were using on that trip in.

The ten pocket is more for the serious couponer. My personal six pocket one is currently has the the following tabs: bath, dog, refridgerated, regular, frozen, and other. But when you clip alot of coupons, it tends to get crowded. So I finally cracked down and made ones with more pockets.
Unfortunately I still don't have one for myself :( lol I just can't decide what I want mine to look like. I plan on making myself a new shopping organizer to go along with it so it takes alot more planning.

I have a tip for those that may be one of those serious couponers. Have two coupon holders. I do. My other one is for organized by stores. Whether it is for that particular store coupons or for the coupons I plan on using at that particular store. It makes it so much easier and makes checking out faster.

I hope you enjoy the new items and Happy Crafting everyone!

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