Thursday, June 23, 2011

About time!

Finally can show off my shopping organizer! You've been reading about them and me saying over and over that pictures will be up soon. Well that time is now! I would've had them up sooner but just finished it this morning. I ran out of big pieces of velcro after making the one for a giveaway that is coming soon but keeping that one a secret till the time comes :) Anywho enough already of the gibber jabber, here's two of the pictures, to see more, check out the shop for it is currently for sale:

The best feature of this is the coupon holder is detachable! It is held in by velcro. I'm currently using one I made with my church logo on it but after making this one and the giveaway one I might have to make myself a new one. I've already started work on some more of these and have plenty of ideas for more. Plus don't forget custom orders are available. Happy Crafting!

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