Friday, June 10, 2011

Light up the day

New items up at the shop! What are they? Candles! Tealights to be exact. Tealights are my favorite candles and for the first time I've made them available at the shop. Let me note that I did not make the candles themselves, they were bought. I would love to get into candle making but can not right now. Though there will be something in the works in a few months **hint hint**. There are two types that I've added right now, the first are my candle-pops.
I've only posted 2 scents and unscented so far but more will be posted over time. I love these so much! You may recognize these from previous posts with gift baskets in them and the giveaway I did a few months ago. They make such great basket fillers and party favors too!

Next I posted a couple of the tealight boxes.
These each contain four scented candles inside a simple slide box. Again they make great fillers and favors. This particular one features a digital stamp by Dustin Pike, one of my all time favorite artists. I hope you all are enjoying the new items! Happy Crafting!

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