Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time Management

I'm finding having alot more "free time" very unsettling. After months and months of having to plan out every minute of my day and now not so much, I find myself at times just wondering around the house. Yeah I have plenty to do but I'm lost without that list lol. Anyone else get that way?! Any-who, with that free time comes finished products!

First up are 3 new bracelets that can be found in Turning The Page shop. I had this one done since before Christmas but knew I couldn't handle the orders at the time. It's the Sookie Stackhouse made to order bracelet:

The second bracelet is one I've wanted to do for awhile now. It's one of my all time favorite shows and when I found some of the books I knew a bracelet had to be done! It's the buffy-the-vampire-slayer made to order bracelet:

The third bracelet I had to rush to get done. I used to keep up with what movies are coming out but I had let that slide with being so busy. Then while looking for books (for my own reading pleasure) I saw a movie tie-in version of Beautiful Creatures! So of course a bracelet need to for be made.

I've also taken more pictures of new items that will be up this weekend and during next week. Some have to do with the sales that hopefully will start Monday. (New blog post as well to detail sale) Ok I wanted to post a picture but I can't get the upload button to work with me. So you will just have to be surprised!
Happy Crafting!


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