Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday or should I say Unbirthday to you...

Finally get to talk about these new sales I'm going to be having! I plan on celebrating birthdays in the book world. Whether it be the author's birthday or the character's, I'm going to celebrate it! The sales will run for a month or two (depending on the amount of birthdays) and will be in both shops.

This month has to be my favorite and what other way to start then with my favorites! In the month of January we have several different birthdays. There are the three character ones: Professor Severus Snape, born January 9th, the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Jan 6th) and our favorite vamp killer Buffy Summers born January 19th. Then we have the staggering 4 author birthdays. First up is J.R.R. Tolkien (Jan 3rd), A.A. Milne (Jan 18th), my favorite all time poet Edgar Allan Poe (Jan 19th) and another fav Lewis Carroll (Jan 27th).

To celebrate we'll have all related bookmarks, journals, magnets, coupon holders and any other items on sale for atleast a month. This first sale will run through all of February since I don't have many next month. I'm hoping this will help bring in new items every month and hope you enjoy seeing who's up next!

Happy Crafting!

P.S. If you notice I'm forgetting a birthday of an author or character I have items posted for, let me know!

***I realized I forgot Jacob Black! (Jan 14th) He will be celebrated as well!***

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