Friday, April 8, 2011

Goal reached!

Wow I can't believe it but I even surpassed my goal of posting 3 items to the shop this week. There are 9 new items this week!! I've even posted new types too! I plan on still posting atleast 3 a week for awhile. I have tons of stuff left over from the fairs. And as soon as I can get my craft room back to working order I wanna try new stuff. Unfortuantely I thought I was done with all my projects but I got talked into helping out with my church's community Easter egg hunt. So this weekend I'll be working on signs and all next week I'll be filling a thousand eggs! So it will be a little longer till I have time to sit down and work on stuff. But here is a peek of what's new:

A post-it stand-

A single pocket magnetic coupon holder
A fuzzy dog notebook

and a skinny pad

Click the link on the right side of the blog to see all the new items up at my shop and keep looking for new items! Happy Crafting!!

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