Monday, April 4, 2011

Craft Fair round 4, Final round

Finally done the craft fairs! Four in like 6 or so weeks is intense. This one was close to home for a change. This was the one that raised money for their breast cancer walk team. I got an email from the lady and they raised around $1,000! That's so awesome. The weather Saturday was gorgeous! Nice change from the crappy weather we had last week. I did alright for the amount of people there. I still have a bunch of stuff leftover though and now will have the joy have finding places to store it all. Here are the pics from my setup, though I know they look just like the other outdoor ones I've posted. Only so many ways to arrange stuff on my two tables.

The only things I have coming up now are selling my church logo items and in June we are having a coupon thing at church that I'll be able to sell my coupon holders at. Excited about that! So now I'll finally be able to turn my focus to the shop and plan on adding new items every week. Hoping to do atleast 3 new items every week. I certainly have plenty to choose from. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see, Please Comment! I'm always open to new suggestions and once I get my craft room back into somewhat working order I'm going to work on new stuff too! So keep your eyes peeled to here and the shop and Happy Crafting!!

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