Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Sneak Peek

Did you shop till you dropped on Friday?! I did a bunch, more than usual. Did you also see that there are currently sales going on in both shops?

These sales end at roughly midnight tonight Eastern Standard time. At that point the Cyber Monday sales will start up. I don't have banners finished yet, but here's what what the sales will be:

Turn the Page Sale for Nov. 28th:
                                    BUY 1 BOOKMARK GET 1 FREE!!!!

My Thoughts Exactly Sale for Nov. 28th:
                                    BUY 1 BOOKMARK GET 1 FREE!!!!
                                    FREE Candle pop with every purchase over $5.00
                                   Journals only $4.00!!!!!

The sale will last till 3am  Eastern Standard Time Tues Nov 29th since that's when I'll be home from work. Alot of item will be added throughout today, tonight and tomorrow. Also remember custom orders are available and if an item you like is sold, message me. I may be able to make more.

Happy Shopping!!                             

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