Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spare time

Finally have a few minutes to spare while I wait for cookies to bake. My schedule has been utterly insane. Figured I'd share with you why it's been insane. Well first I had a fair. Did ok, sold about 30 items but unfortunately for me they were mostly my $1 items. Here was my set-up:

New to my items are gift baskets.

Got fairs again coming up starting next weekend thru the next few weeks, so the insanity will continue! Well after the fair was over, it become Pumpkin Patch duty every day at church;

I had duty again today in about an hour in which I'll be finally carving our pumpkin too. On top of that I had an order for bridal shower favors for a friend at church. I had to make 17 of them. They turned out so cute!

In other news I'm trying to get more stuff made for the shop, mostly Harry Potter themed stuff. Also have to clean alot because my big bro is coming at the end of the week coming up so I need to have the craft room available for me to sleep in. Well cookies are ready. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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